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Our Mission


Gradually over time there will be more books, added to the website as they get published.

 I will also be adding more affiliate income generating sites with valueable books products

and  other services .


Children discover and learn with enjoyment while along the way I get to inspire children with the

delightful and entertaining books that are educational yet subtle enough for them to enjoy and

get absorbed in." What a wonderful way for children to learn to do the right thing and have fun as well."

 NOTE .. I am sure if you have a dog as your pet at home you know how special they are.

Especially when you come home from a hard day at work they smile and jump all around you

making you feel happy. How about when you are feeling down or angry? Again you only have

to look in their eyes to see the love they are offering you in return. They give us the gift of their

friendship and love us unconditionally. So now it is our time to give back a little love to the

one’s we can help..To spread the word on the right way to treat all animals but most important

for you to take action now, anyway you can.


 First ...  If they should run off and get lost ,

" Have you fitted them with a Name TAG . Name and Phone number ?". .

Here are some small ways to help.

1. Word of mouth
2. Donating money
3. Donating time
4. Volunteer work at shelter
5. Putting up posters
6. Using your social media networks
7. Using your business contacts
8. Assist “Animal Welfare League”
9. Fundraising
10. Arranging marathon or fairs

You name it, you think it, you do it. You have the chance to make a difference.

Join me on my journey to save as many pooches as we all can.

I would like to say thanks for visiting the website

Hope you enjoy let’s get a rescue mission started. .. 

"Lets raise those  dollars to help the Dogs ".