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Book 1.. Little Brave Heart Finds New Friends

Book 1.. Little Brave Heart Finds New Friends

List Price: $14.95

This is a wonderful adventure dog story for children,
teaching them about sharing, caring and friendships .
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Hi  Friends, my name is Natisha Field the author of this book. I am in my early 40’s and was born in New Zealand. I migrated to Australia fifteen years ago now currently living on the NSW South Coast of Australia, which is a relaxed seaside town called Bateman's Bay . Yes I am a long time dog lover and own three wonderful dogs of my own called Scooby  Doo, Little Zippy and Kaya.  Zippy is a 7 year old rescued dog ,a very loving female staffy x sharpie. Scooby Doo is a 12 year old  tall legged black labrador male dog and finally Kaya is a 2 year old  female German Shepherd.